s Official new year sayings 2021

Wednesday 30 December 2020

Official new year sayings 2021

 "Here's hoping that the new year brings us lots of new and exciting opportunities in our lives. This new year will be our year. Happy New Year!"

"Another year is almost over. A new one's about to begin. Say goodbye to all the negative stuff. Move on with the positive things. Forget those New Year's resolutions. They are never what they seem. Resolutions are no sooner made than broken. It's far better to follow your dreams. Let's pray for health and happiness And for peace in the New Year too. And as those bells ring out at midnight, I hope those dreams you dream come true."

"My Dear Friend, I Wish the New Year to Bring You all Your Hopes and Dreams Because you Deserve Having Your Wishes Come True. Have a Happy New Year 2021."

“We must always change, renew, rejuvenate ourselves; otherwise, we harden.” 

“Everything about the future is uncertain, but one thing is for sure that God had already planned all our tomorrows, we just have to trust him today, I heartily wish a beautiful tomorrow for you and your family. Happy New Year 2019!”


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