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Wednesday, 30 December 2020

Motivating new year messages 2021 motivation

 Motivating new year messages 2021 motivation: "Let us fill up this year with all the forgotten promises of the year that passed - and some love! Happy New Year."

"Here comes the New Year, And it's time to make resolutions. For I promise to be sincere And bring in me a revolution. In class, I'll talk less. In studies, I'll surely progress. All my lies I'll confess. I'll go to play with egress. To my friends, I'll be kind, Have my character refined, To a helper of mankind With a sound mind. I'll follow my teacher's advice. Regularly I'll exercise. My mother I'll idolize. Beyond doubt I'll civilize. These are my resolutions To bring in me an evolution. To follow them, I'll try my best. Until then, I'll not rest."

"May every coming day bring hope, and every passing day, a sense of contentment and everlasting joy. Enjoy the beauty of this New Year."

"Happy New Year! May you have a blessed New Year full of success, service, and love."

"I'll sweep it out, that dusty room. Wipe the old slate clean. Start anew with a fresh blank page; Make everything pristine. I'll fill my life with brand new plans To get where I want to go. So as each week and month go by, My New Year joy will grow."


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