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Tuesday, 19 November 2019

End of the year quotes

End of the year quotes:

1) I hope and pray that 2020 is much easier than in 2019. This has been a challenging year.

2) This year is very personal...
I owe myself a lot.

3) Dear 2020,
I know we just met,
but I have a feeling
you and I are going
to do great things!





9) 2020 Dreaming Guide

1. Brainstorm--Compile all of your dreams
into one area and meditate on them.

2. Narrow down--Choose top 3-5 dreams to
focus on and pursue.

3. Visualize--Create a vision board of your ideas and motivational words and images.

4. Set goals--Complete goal settings exercises
that relates to chosen dreams.

5. Choose habits--Think: What habits can you
develop that will serve your goals?

6. Accountability--Designate a handful of
people to walk with you as you follow your dreams.

7. Network--Find like-Minded people to learn
from and to collaborate.

8. Overcome--Negative beliefs from yourself
and others must be defeated.

9. Take action--Once a plan is developed and
support is put into place, take action!

10. Reflect--Learn from failures and celebrate
the wins!

11. Repeat--Don't give up. If one dream doesn't
take flight, choose another and keep going!





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