s End of the year quotes

Friday 13 November 2020

End of the year quotes

End of the year quotes
: As the New Year will start with a cheer, There will be lots for you my dear, New ideas that will cross your mind, New things one of a kind, New beginnings for that perfect end, New emotions to make a blend, So, have a good time Wish you a happy new year!
On this New Year, Let there be a new cheer In the air and in your heart, For making that one wonderful start, For the year that is to come ahead, For the year that is now, So, soak in the spirit of New Year. And, give one final bow to the year that has gone Happy New Year!

2019 year went by fast.
Time is so valuable. Next year,
I'm going to make the most of it.
Here's to 2020 being filled with:
Less stress & more faith. Genuine
friendships & less forced interactions.
More laughter and less tears. Zero
drama. Hard work, success, and time
to do the things that matter most.
CHEERS if you're ready, too.

I hope and pray that 2020 is much easier than in 2019. This has been a challenging year.

Keep the smiles, Walk past the tears. Forget your worries and look forward to the coming year. A very Happy New Year To You!

This year is very personal...I owe myself a lot.

3) Dear 2020,
I know we just met,
but I have a feeling
you and I are going
to do great things!





2020 Dreaming Guide

1. Brainstorm--Compile all of your dreams
into one area and meditate on them.

2. Narrow down--Choose top 3-5 dreams to
focus on and pursue.

3. Visualize--Create a vision board of your ideas and motivational words and images.

4. Set goals--Complete goal settings exercises
that relates to chosen dreams.

5. Choose habits--Think: What habits can you
develop that will serve your goals?

6. Accountability--Designate a handful of
people to walk with you as you follow your dreams.

7. Network--Find like-Minded people to learn
from and to collaborate.

8. Overcome--Negative beliefs from yourself
and others must be defeated.

9. Take action--Once a plan is developed and
support is put into place, take action!

10. Reflect--Learn from failures and celebrate
the wins!

11. Repeat--Don't give up. If one dream doesn't
take flight, choose another and keep going!


13) This year i've become close to people i've never imagined knowing & lost people who i thought wouldve been there for me forever.

14. A new year is the glittering light to brighten the dream-lined pathway of the future.

The first rule of 2020 is: never talk about 2019.

14) Damn this year held some of the
happiest & saddest moments I've
ever experienced.


The biggest lesson
I learned this year is
to not force anything;
conversations, friendships,
relationships, attention, love.
Anything forced is
just not worth fighting for,
whatever flows flows,
what crashes crashes.
It is what it is.

16 2019
was a weird year because
I was somehow living my
best life & worst life at
the same time.


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