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Thursday, 17 September 2020

Welcome 2021 Quotes

Welcome 2020 Quotes: First day of the New Year. It's time to shine for a new day. Forget your past, Your sorrow, your pain. New ideas are waiting ahead. It's time to recall all your memories, Beautiful dreams that remain uncovered, Painful parts of life when your heart gets crushed. But don't be afraid. The future is in your hands. Hold it in your hand. Start your race, A new journey, That leads you to success. You will rise again. You will shine again. Happy New Year!

To those who partied around the world Or those that lay in bed and curled up to the one, they hold so dear I wish you all Happy New year. The homeless sleeping on the street feeling the hunger and defeat, May these few words fill you with cheer may you do well this brand New Year. Those Women fearing for their lives battered girlfriends, battered wives, Husbands, boyfriends, living in fear pray Lord to protect them this New Year. For Nurses with devoted ways, caring for someone's final days, Stay strong no matter how severe. love is your gift in this New year. For Police protecting us each day hand them the torch to light our way, To face the foe showing no fear. we wish them all a safe New Year That Fireman risking life and limb. Daily, facing scenes so grim, those burning buildings hold no fear. May God be with him this New year. Those soldiers in the line of fire. living life close to the wire. From Private to the Brigadier. May God protect you this New Year. For those alone, without a friend. I hope your darkness soon will end, Your guiding light is close - so near. may friendship find you this New Year. Talk to your friends don't text them all. speak face to face without a phone call. Make pals feel wanted, keep them near. make them happy this brand New Year. Those people who've lost faith, like me who have no other Deity. May church folk comfort them - endear restore their faith in this New Year. Around the World, we should link hands. North, South, East, West to all God's lands, Should learn to live in love - not fear. let's make this year a brave New Year.





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