s Merry Christmas Texts

Thursday 22 December 2022

Merry Christmas Texts

Merry Christmas Texts: Christmas in the woods is so much better than Christmas on the Outside. We do exactly what we want to do about it, not what we have to do because the neighbors will think it's funny if we don't; or because of the kids, who will judge our efforts.

On Christmas Eve a child will be born for us, a child who will give us love - that's what an angel said, and suddenly out of the darkness comes a light.


The world needs and prays for peace. It does not come automatically. We bring peace to the world by showing love and compassion to those around us.


2) If you want to believe in the magic of love, you must practice the magic by loving.

3) Christmastime is when love and kindness shine at their brightest.

4) Somewhere beyond the Christmas hustle and bustle, there lies a child in a manger; somewhere beyond the noise, there is a Silent Night.

5) Christmas is filled with joy and laughter, but love is the foundation that inspires it all.




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